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Successful Workplace Leaders listen to their people and provide every opportunity

for individuals to shine in their roles.
It’s a leader’s responsibility to instil self-accountability and professionalism by

being self-accountable and professional. In doing so success follows.”
Maree McKeown


“Great leadership comes from great people so get your act together or you will never know what it is like to step beyond mediocrity“

Maree is a leading expert in leadership development.

She knows that the way managers behave and perform determines the way teams behave and perform, which has palpable impact on business outcomes. Maree is on a mission to elevate leadership in executive leadership teams. She does that through:

♦ Leadership Team Performance
♦ Executive Leadership Development
♦ Leadership Facilitation

Maree coaches and collaborates with individuals and teams to develop customised leadership programs targeted to meet the unique needs of an organisation and to ensure maximum impact beyond the program. This, combined with her focus on a real return on investment, creates substantial benefit to clients.

She is a speaker, facilitator & coach as well as the author of the upcoming book “Return on Investment: Making Leadership Development Initiatives Count”

She has been coaching and facilitating for more than 10 years and works with corporate organisations, not-for-profits, public sector and government agencies, enhancing leadership capability and business outcomes.

Her clients include CEO’s, senior executives and rising stars from such companies as:
♦ National Australia Bank (NAB)
♦ Coles, Wesfarmers
♦ Study Group Australia and New Zealand
♦ Victorian Public Sector (VPSC)

“She is also incredibly insightful and seems to have the ability to stretch and challenge in a way that is confronting yet highly valuable. She demands action and leaves you nowhere to hide”

Maree’s formal qualifications include an Honours Degree in Behavioural Science Psychology (BBSc, hons) with a major thesis in Leadership,
a Diploma of Education (DipEd) and Certificates in Training, Assessment, Business Planning, Operations and Management.


Contact Details: 

Mobile: 0400 771 965

Email: maree@risetothechallenge.com.au

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