"I would not hesitate in recommending Maree which I have done so on several occasions.  She has the ability to ask exactly the right questions at the right time, that in my experience, has led to a significant transformation in my leadership style and has also made me a more balanced individual.   What I really like about Maree’s style is that she pulls no punches and will call out when I am not being truly honest with myself.  I would go to say that my career has taken another leap forward since working with Maree…  Thank you."

A. Perry, Head of Customer Contact Strategy, Service & Engagement

"My work with Maree was critical to the enablement of my career trajectory from Senior Executive roles into my first CEO role over the last 5 years.  As the youngest executive team member in a large matrix organisation it was only through the great work Maree did with our team, and with me individually that truly helped me understand where I needed to be thinking to succeed in that environment.  She helped me understand the psychology of a winning team at that level, and also helped me step up mentally into thinking and acting like the CEO -  a principal that I took on with vigour and continued to succeed in a fast growing and rapidly changing market and organisational context.  The individual coaching I did with Maree is where the rubber really hit the road as having an opportunity to learn principles that get discussed with a team, and work safely with a partner/coach to debrief on what's working and isn't in the application of those principles is powerful.  I wouldn't have had the success I did over the last five years I'm sure without Maree's coaching in the early part of it.  Thanks Maree for everything."  

S. Steel, CEO

"Maree is an outstanding listener as a coach. She does not come with a prescribed set of actions or solutions, but rather listens, discusses and distils options – and then holds you accountable to the option or options you say you’ll pursue! She is able to draw on a wealth of experience to bring a compelling combination of aspiration and pragmatism to her coaching work. In a field that includes its share of snake oil salespeople, Maree is authentic and grounded. I highly recommend her."

CEO, Education Portfolio

"I have found my work with Maree to be engaging and rewarding. She has been able to highlight my personal strengths, while not pulling punches in identifying areas for improvement. I have particularly welcomed her preparedness to have the hard conversations, but in a supportive environment.  She has built a trusted relationship and created a space where the otherwise unspoken challenges of a dynamic work environment find a voice. Maree has skillfully shifted my performance over a period of time, and is very much a trusted advisor."

R. Martin, General Counsel

G. Madeira, Director Registration and Licensing Services

"I have been an executive for over 20 years; working with Maree on my leadership skills was the first time I was challenged to look deeper into myself to understand what qualities I had to unlock to improve my leadership skills further. Maree’s feedback was insightful, accurate, honest and courageous. This awareness has helped me become an even better peer to fellow leaders and unleashed greater potential in achieving outcomes."