I am an out and proud Diva!

So often we come away from conferences and workshops with an action list we already knew or no commitment at all.

I have just spent the past two glorious days Percolating with Dr Jason Fox and his Cleverness. The culmination of which has provided me with my Big Word* for 2017: DIVA!

What I love about the word DIVA is its immediate negative connotations. The rebel in me relishes in the opportunity to grab a negative label and wear it with pride and possibility for the next 12 months. DIVA sits alongside other such troublesome words as witch (compare with wizard) and spinster (compare with bachelor).

The DIVA is a highly under-appreciated archetype, which I intend to turn on its head.

To most the Diva is a self-obsessed, demanding spoilt brat. The divaesque attributes I plan on embodying are: self-assured, loudly visible, confident, decisive, expansive, contentious, passionate, vibrant, beautiful and outrageous.

I spend far too much time judging myself and wasting precious energy worrying about the judgement of others. Now that I am stepping into my DIVA I am sending both states to the Banish Box and closing the lid firmly!

Choosing DIVA as my Big Word also allows me to play with the notion that I have choice in how I perceive myself. For me the DIVA is my inspiration and aspiration for the year ahead. It is my time to step out of my way!

I can freely extrapolate the notion of self-perception more broadly. Suddenly the nagging wife becomes the caring spouse. The distracted parent becomes the trusting mum. The selfish global citizen becomes being the best I can be. All with a flourish of choosing different words and a kinder lens through which I see myself and allow others to see me.

And I can learn to not take myself so seriously. What would an outrageous DIVA do when they’re in need of a refresh? They’d take out their big, pink feather boa and dance wildly throughout the house to Eye of the Tiger.

“So if diva means giving your best, then yes, I guess I am a diva.” Patti LaBelle

*if you want to know more about Jason, Big Words and Cleverness sign up for Jason’s Museletter, drjasonfox.com


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