We all have a leadership role to play...

Today I had the privilege of listening to Ronni Kahn, OzHarvest founder, share her story at The 2016 Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium in Melbourne to a standing ovation and not a dry eye in the room.

It really got me thinking about how many amazing people there are in the world and how lucky I am. Lucky, to live in the most liveable city in the world and lucky the have the opportunities a country like Australia has afforded me.

But more than anything, I look around me and feel incredibly blessed. Blessed to live in such a multicultural and eclectic place. A place that enables people to live peacefully and respectfully together with all our glorious differences.

I am not naïve enough to think my world is perfect. We are all burdened by our imperfections and, at times, divided by our differences. But I see a lot more good and a lot more hope and a lot more connection than the general rhetoric suggests.

And then there’s Ronni Kahn – Since its inception in 2004, OzHarvest has delivered more than 32 million meals to women, children and men in need while also having rescued over 10,000 tonnes of food from ending up as landfill and waste. What an inspiration! What a leader!

While many of us may never make the scale of difference Ronni is making in the world, we all have a leadership role to play. Better a million people making a small difference than one individual going it alone.

So the next time you feel despondent or fearful of what the future holds, turn your attention to your own ability to make a difference – perhaps say hello to someone in your neighbourhood you haven’t said hello to before or ring a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or gaze up at the sky and just breathe and be thankful.

The world will be a slightly better place for it and couldn’t we all do with a slightly better world…

“You don’t have to see the full staircase,

just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King


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