Unconscious Bias

Welcome to my latest QuarterlyShare: December 2018

As our year comes to a close it’s a perfect time of year to reflect on our own unconscious bias. The challenge, of course, is that bias is unconscious so we need to first look outside ourselves for evidence of our own hidden prejudices. It tends to permeate across all...

Leadership Coaching

Welcome to my latest QuarterlyShare: February 2018

As we face into another year of opportunity and challenge my attention is firmly on the absolute imperative of Leaders Coaching. If you're not convinced, here is my obligatory scattering of stats to build my case (taken from Gallup research):

Leadership Research and the Purification Principle

Welcome to my latest QuarterlyShare: November 2017

To continue my love of numbers, here is what is going on with workplace leadership according to Brandon Hall Group* research:

  • 55% of organizations are struggling with a talent shortage

  • 64% indicated their greatest talent challenge was attracting talent

Fake News

April 2017

My last newsletter was all about facts, thus I felt it appropriate and inordinately current to focus this quarter’s newsletter on all things ‘fake news’.
I must reluctantly confess up front that all news is in fact fake to a certain degree. And the key word here is ‘degree’.

Words and language: how they influence and reflect

December 2016

As yet another year draws to an end my head is full of musings over WORDS and how they influence and reflect the global zeitgeist. This Quarterly Share focuses on some very specific and prominent words in 2016 that will flow through to 2017: post-truth, diva, impact, coaching, thanks, renewal, gratitude, and democracy sausage!

Hello Leaders

September 2016

Hello leaders (which is all of us) and aspiring leaders (which is those of us yet to recognise the leadership role we play).
I’m preoccupied with numbers this week. Actually, I’m always preoccupied with numbers, but this week I’m feeling particularly motivated to share a few stats from a couple of the many recent Leadership Studies out there…  

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