Leadership is more important to business success than ever before, yet leadership development is lagging behind, leaving our leaders struggling to deal with the pace, complexity and demands of their people, stakeholders and competing business priorities.

It is imperative managers step up and face the challenges before them with conviction, confidence and agility. The world will continue to evolve and the speed at which data is provided and synthesised will continue to grow. Within this dynamic world of change and challenge is vast opportunity for those who embrace it for themselves, their people and their businesses.

Robust and pioneering leadership are the hallmarks to ensuring successful delivery to the highest standards possible. What business leaders believe they are facing into today will be remarkably far from where they actually need to go.

Based on Complex Adaptive Leadership Theory (complexity science) and drawing from Leadership Coaching Principles, Maree’s role is to ensure the individual or Leadership Team doesn’t stay within a static state of comfort or complacency, but embraces the opportunity to step boldly into the unknown. Maree will provide a level of challenge and agitation to deliberately and strategically create a productive level of ‘disequilibrium’ and stretch, through which transformational change, growth and innovation can occur. Maree is adept at ensuring the level of agitation is well balanced, professional and aligned with key objectives and looks to create cohesion and direction within the chaos of the unknown future state.

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