Individual Leadership Development


Leadership coaching is recommended for individuals in leadership roles as a highly tailored program to enhance leadership capability to the benefit of the individual, their people and the broader organisation.

Coaching is a dynamic action-based approach to development and goal attainment through, targeted reflection, pointed discussion, constant challenge and robust feedback. Core coaching objectives often include:

  1. Leadership brand:  impact, influence, gravitas and legacy

  2. Leading with confidence: understanding own leadership style and building on the understanding to create a robust and highly effective leadership presence, self-belief and impact awareness

  3. Maximising business success in a complex environment: strategic thinking, dynamic engagement, innovative thought leadership

  4. Stakeholder engagement: leading with a shifting balance of collaboration and authority

  5. Career enhancement: navigating the internal and external political, social and business landscape and enhancing profile and opportunity


Leadership Coaching: Group


Group coaching can be tailored around specific business needs with the number of sessions and time between each session dependent on the group needs. Some examples of when group coaching is of high value is:

  1. Enabling cross-functional individuals to come together to work cohesively on a project

  2. To leverage the learning for individuals who are engaged in a training program/workshop

  3. As a think tank which enables individuals to come together, innovate and deliver on their ideas in a disciplined and methodical forum

  4. As an opportunity to share and collaborate across silos


Leadership Coaching: Team


One of the biggest challenges is getting Leadership Teams to balance their obligation to their own division with that of the broader organisation. Coming together regularly in a controlled and disciplined environment enables the focus to even out and demand each leader to incorporate their own unit interests for the greater good of the broader organisation

Key areas team coaching addresses:

  1. Moving from dysfunction at the leadership level as individuals vie for positioning to one of functional inclusion

  2. Experiencing and creating of a high performing team

  3. Enhancing professional discipline and maturity

  4. Having more honest, respectful and robust conversations

  5. Enabling a collaborative and capable leadership culture aligned with key business imperatives and strategic direction.